FoRS – Friends of Ramsgate Seafront

What Can You Do ?

As always we are looking for volunteers for ongoing projects and projects we would like to get started all around Ramsgate:

What do you need to be able to do ?

Honestly we are looking for people in all walks of life with diverse skills or abilities from those that like to go out and get involved with litter picking, gardening, sweeping and engaging with local residents to those who would like to help out by Blogging on our website for instance…

How much time can I volunteer for ?

That really depends on you…

If you have an hour or a few we are always appreciative.

Our gardening projects for example are usually 2 hour segments, for example:

Winterstoke Gardens Project

Alternate Saturday mornings from 10am until midday
Alternate Wednesday morning from 10am until midday

See the ‘Events In Ramsgate’ calendar for dates…

We will provide lovely fluorescent vests, litter pickers, gardening equipment and gloves.

During 2017 we are hoping to raise awareness for open space living in Ramsgate and are looking to develop more projects like that of Winterstoke Gardens, the local community being at the forefront of any project.