Winterstoke Gardens 12th December 2018

This morning was bright, chilly and windy. Ofcourse, so close to Christmas and with temperatures of less than 6c when wind chill was taken into account our numbers were unusually low.

However, 6 fab volunteers turned out and what great progress we made pruning the over grown bushes on the top of the #Grade2listed Winterstoke Gardens next to The George VI Park.

In the process we uncovered more Pulhamite that is in great need of repairs.

Many passers-by applauded our fiestyness and the difference that we continue to make.

 We are certainly looking forward to our training with English Heritage, next week.

28 sacks of prunings and quite some stack of branches.

With huge thanks to Dave Barber, Donna Barber, Ann Townsend, and Cathy.

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