Winterstoke Gardens 9th Jan 2019

What a stunning morning! It was beautiful, sunny, chilly. 13 of we fiesty volunteers turned up and creamed it at the Winterstoke Gardens.

Now, as you come out of George VI Park and turn to your left no longer are you faced by huge over growth and many years of neglect. Now you will find well pruned and managed trees and shrubs. All done in just 2 hours!

Also, instead of thousands of bags of waste, we used our new ‘chipper’ (thanks to dear Cathy’s generosity). The only reason we haven’t yet chipped up more, is because we ran out of petrol.

Also thank you to Nicholas Cooper and Angie who came and planted their handsome Christmas Tree. 
Huge thanks to Alistair, Carole Francis, Sue Mobsby, Annette Noble, Jane Roberts, Steve Roberts, Dave Barber, Steve Cummings, Ann Townsend, Liz Kinder, Brendan Tyler and Polly Dora. 
Fabulous work everyone!!!!

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