Our Strategic Plan



Protect & Encourage the use of Ramsgate Seafront 1. Become a Partner in the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone.
2. Link in with other project leaders that also benefit Ramsgate and it’s seafront e.g Ramsgate Town Team, The Ramsgate Society, Western undercliff group & Friends of Ellington Park
3. Build a positive relationship with Ramsgate Town Council
4. Build a positive relationship with Thanet District Council
5. Continue work to improve the use of open spaces in Ramsgate and on the seafront including The Westcliff and Eastcliff open spaces, Winterstoke Gardens, Albion Gardens and The Sea Garden
6. FoRS representatives to attend relative TDC and community meetings
Promote a sense of community around the area of Ramsgate seafront 1. Encourage and promote local community activity and guidance to maintain open spaces
2. Promote and support ‘Arts & Community Projects’ along the seafront
3. Organise or be involved with community events in Ramsgate and the Seafront
4. Organise or be involved with beach clean-up events
5. Link in & work in partnership with other organisations with similar aims
Protect, enhance and preserve a safe environment for flora and fauna and to promote such schemes as will benefit and nurture wildlife 1. Be aware of local environmental issues
2. Be aware of air quality/water quality around our Beaches, Marina and Port
3. Link in with work being done along the east & west cliffs
4. Encourage work with young people on environmental issues
5. Use local artists/students to paint/decorate public spaces
6. Monitor condition of/work to cliff faces
Keep all members of The Friends of Ramsgate Seafront informed of relevant developments 1. Set up a new ’The Friends of Ramsgate Seafront’ Facebook page
2. Set up a new FoRS website.
3. Develop an online bi-monthly ‘Members Newsletter’
4. Organise once a year ‘open meetings’ to keep members informed of local developments
5. Set up a Twitter account
Raise funds to support the activities of the group 1. ‘Fundraising’ chains require further investigation
2. Set up a free formal FoRS membership scheme accessible via the FoRS Website
4. Organise fundraising events
5. Seek business sponsorship
6. Build our unrestricted funds through community fundraising events
7. Management Committee members will attend ‘Funding Fairs’ and take advantage of e-training
8. Explore trading opportunities – sell FoRS promotional merchandise
Act in respect of any proposal that is contrary to our aims & objectives FoRS will no longer pursue negative activities such as scrutiny, a group has taken the lead in bringing about unifying factions within Ramsgate to work as a collective, something FoRS was never able to achieve successfully… We introduce:
Ramsgate Action Group
‘RAG’ exists to represent the people of Ramsgate with regard to their dealings with local administration and are a-political and non partisan.
Work towards and actively support community, social and environmentally sustainable developments that enhance and allow regeneration of Ramsgate Seafront 1. Represent FoRS on any other panels or groups that share the same aims
2. Work with the Mayor of Ramsgate building links with Oostende
3. Build links and joint-work projects with local schools and colleges
4. Attend TDC meetings where appropriate.
FoRS Strategic Aims 2015 – 2020 This document lays out plans for developing the organisation over five years. It is envisaged that the Strategic Aims give FoRS a clearer direction and set out the possibility for wider community involvement in the work of the group.
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