Pleasurama – The History

Ramsgate Sands Station 1863 – 1926

Yes the Pleasurama site started way back in 1863 as the only train station in Ramsgate…


In 1926 the station closed as newer stations were now built further into Ramsgate.

Pleasureland 1926 – 1933

In 1933 the site had been taken over by Ramsgate Olympia and renamed to Merrie England



In 1939, when hostilities broke out the area was taken over by the armed forces and renamed HMS Fervent, for more info on HMS Fervent click HERE

In 1945 after hostilities had ended the military left and Merrie England reopened.

However in 1965 with the rise of cheap ‘package holidays’ particularly in Spain a decline in it’s popularity had started and by 1967 the site was renamed Pleasurama


Pleasurama 1967 – 1998

Still popular through the 70’s and into the 80’s Pleasurama struggled as more and more people opted for holidays away from our shores, this caused a succession of owners leading up to 1996 when James Godden took ownership.


In 1998 all that had been was lost to a mysterious fire, the site was destroyed and the listed railway station was gone.


Pleasurama Site 1998 – 2002

After the fire James “Jimmy” Godden put in various planning applications, these were rejected until approval for an outlet shopping centre was finally given and an agreement was draw up by Thanet District Council and Mr Godden.

In 2001 TDC realised that Mr Godden had no intention of building anything but housing and decided on a Compulsory Purchase Order on the land, the land then became to property of TDC.


This however is not the end of the tangled story of the area we all know as Pleasurama, it is now 2015 this is what we are currently left with…


For more information and to see at what stage this area is at now click HERE

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