Festival of Britain Fountain

The Festival of Britain Fountain has been a source of continued debate as to why it don’t work, how awful it looks and even as to whether we should bother to get it working again…

Well as far as FoRS, East Kent College and Ramsgate Town Council are concerned we all want to see it up and running again.

So working closely with East Kent College who have already repaired the pump, sourced electrical equipment that needed replacing, and have already started the work of stripping back several coats of paint that date back over many years, we have made a great start.

As this project is being carried out solely by volunteers, so we cannot say when the fountain will be back in operation, what we can say is that now we are involved it will be working again and looking better than it has done for many, many years.

If you would like to help with the volunteer work drop us an email…

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