Ramsgate Councillors

There are 3 Wards that span Ramsgates Seafront, 3 that lay behind them and the Cliffsend and Pegwell Ward, here we list each Ward & their Councillors.
We have asked our Councillors for their vision for Ramsgate, below you will find, in their own words, what they had to say…

Councillor Beverly Martin

Central Harbour Ward – Cllr-Beverly.Martin@Thanet.gov.uk

I first came to Ramsgate as a child of seven on a holiday to Cliftonville (we stayed at the Grosvenor and had a great time). I remember visiting a very beautiful model village one evening, in Ramsgate – and I can recall how lovely it seemed to me, with tiny model houses, waterways, coloured lights and an amazing atmosphere.

Some forty-five years later, I returned with a friend, looking to buy a small house out of London, but near enough to commute for work. We sat above the harbour having coffee, and I could not believe how lovely the marina looked in the August sunshine. I managed to buy a 2-bed Victorian house and became passionate about Ramsgate and Thanet in the process.

That model village is now lost. Sadly it also reminds me of other great facilities that seem to have disappeared or have run-down in our town. The swimming pool by the beach, the ferry (oh for a foot ferry please for duty frees once a week?!); the lift which is in disrepair and often out of order at the peak of holiday season; the cafe at Undercliff; even the dredger has gone, and the scooped-out pools in the sand for children to paddle in. The annual powerboat race has gone too. This year, I loved the hanging baskets at Margate – where the beach was in full swing, looking lovely, during the warm weather, packed with visitors. It made me ask: Where were our hanging baskets by the beach? And why does so much awful litter pile up every day in and near the harbour at peak season?

Just some of my questions, concerns and frustrations. As a district and town councillor now, since May 2015, I pledge to do all I can with these and other issues – because our town matters, and Thanet matters. We have jewels here which deserve the very best.

For many years, I have had holidays in Cornwall. Newquay is not Ramsgate, but it is busy with a surfing community all year round. Young people in wetsuits pad around town and beach with their surfboards, even in February. I would love to see more for young people here, a watersports centre, terraces and beach-huts if we could – on the main beach. I even wonder if we could raise the money to create a surfing beach as they have in Bournemouth.

We have new-build coming in – the Hornby Centre, Wetherspoons hopefully, both with great designs and facilities. I hope this will be a real turning point for the harbour, and will also give a spur to other new facilities as well. We deserve it, you deserve it, and our amazing town absolutely deserves it.

If you have a vision for the harbour and Ramsgate, I would love to hear from you; please email me.
Let’s do it!

Those so far not to have replied to our request:

Sir Moses Montefiore Ward:
Councillor Terry Connor

Email: cllr-terry.connor@thanet.gov.uk

Councillor Michelle Fenner

Email: cllr-michelle.fenner@thanet.gov.uk

Eastcliff Ward:
Councillor Janet Falcon

Email: cllr-janet.falcon@thanet.gov.uk

Councillor Sarah Larkins Councillor Sarah Larkins

Email: cllr-sarah.larkins@thanet.gov.uk

Councillor Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing

Email: cllr-hunter.stummer-schmertzing@thanet.gov.uk

Central Harbour Ward:
Councillor Peter Campbell

email: Cllr-peter.campbell@thanet.gov.uk

Councillor Trevor Shonk

Email: cllr-trevor.shonk@thanet.gov.uk

Cliffsend & Pegwell Ward:
Councillor Brenda Rogers

Email: cllr-brenda.rogers@thanet.gov.uk

Councillor John Townend

Email: cllr-john.townend@thanet.gov.uk

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