Ramsgate Town Team

We are delighted that Ramsgate Town Team (RTT) now has eleven Executive Committee members who represent a broad section of traders and business owners in Ramsgate.

Ramsgate is a lovely place to not only live, work and start a business in, but also it has the potential to be a popular tourist destination once more. We are acutely aware of the impact 30 years of neglect can have on a town and therefore we have decided our mission for Ramsgate is:

For all our businesses to work collaboratively for the overall benefit of the town, its visitors and residents.

To improve the town and harbour space with an aim for sustainable growth, increased footfall and better visitor satisfaction.

To save on vital funds we have decided to link up with Ramsgatetown.org and ‘borrow’ some space on the Ramsgate Town Council’s website, which we are very grateful for.


The Team is headed up by:

Rebekah Smith (Chairman), Jo Hanchett (Vice Chairman), Tricia Hartley (Secretary) and Richard Styles (Treasurer), who are the only team members authorised to act for the Town Team.
Membership is open to all, by application, and meetings will be open to the public to attend.

Like our obelisk, we want to reach for the sky for Ramsgate and we would like your support, suggestions and words of wisdom to make Ramsgate great again! You can email us at: info@ramsgatetownteam.org.uk

Please check this page for updates and ‘like’ Ramsgate Town Team on Facebook so that you can be kept in the loop about our quest to revitalise Ramsgate.

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