Ramsgate Action Group (RAG)

Ramsgate Action Group exists to represent the people of Ramsgate with regard to their dealings with local administration, we are a-political and non partisan.

What of FoRS scrutiny ?

Does this mean that FoRS no longer cares about the negative affects on our Seafront, inappropriate planning applications, over industrialisation of the Harbour, the loss of our open spaces ???

NO of course not !!

We will in fact be working very closely with a group much better equipped to deal with these ongoing issues, ‘RAG’ !!

So much of the time of FoRS members has been taken up in the past with the negative affects thrown at Ramsgate, lines were no longer clear and it was felt the group had become too invested in too many areas, it was suggested that FoRS had lost it’s way and in many ways that was true…

2017 brings about a new strategy which will project FoRS as a positive force in Ramsgate.

Our primary aim will now be to develop sustainable community projects working firstly within the community together with support from local authorities, Thanet District Council, Ramsgate Town Council, Historic England and the Heritage Action Zone group, for the benefit of Ramsgate and it’s Seafront.

Ramsgate Action Group will be the group dedicated to defending Ramsgate from projects such as over industrialisation of the port, questioning dubious plans that do not account of the residents of Ramsgate anything that will have a negative affect on our town RAG will fight the good fight…

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