Winterstoke Gardens

The Winterstoke sun shelter and rock gardens are located on Victoria Parade, Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom.

Overlooking the sea, the ornamental gardens were laid out and presented to the Borough of Ramsgate by Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills in 1920 and opened to the public in June 1923 by the Mayor of Ramsgate (Alderman A. W. Larkin). They are maintained by Thanet District Council and were Grade II listed on 4 February 1988. The site is listed on the Ramsgate Society`s Buildings at risk register.

The gardens were designed by the architects Sir John Burnet & Partners, and constructed by Pulham and Son. The main feature of the gardens, is a semi-circular shaped colonnade carved into the pulhamite recess. Inside the shelter, and now lost, were two pieces of sculpture work by Mr. Gilbert Bayes. They represented children playing with the “Ram” of Ramsgate.

On the upper terrace, approached by broad flights of steps, the gardens proper are reached. In the centre, and immediately over the shelter, is a circular pool enclosed on the north side by a semi-circular Roman seat.

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How things used to look back in 1926…


In it’s heyday in the ’20s and ’30s it was a pleasant space where locals gathered to watch bands and concerts in the park.

This building also houses the pump for the fountain above, to see these restored would be a wonderful attraction once again.

And how it is today…


This area could and should be restored, a survey of the pump equipment would obviously be needed but what a stunning area this could be made into.

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