Winterstoke Gardens Project

Early in 2016 FoRS again became involved with volunteer work at Winterstoke Gardens continuing on with previous works done by FoRS preceding 2015, the sterling efforts of others should not go amiss either, notably Dave Steele who late in 2016 had to stop working on the gardens because of health issues.

Working with Historic England and the Heritage Action Zone we plan to rejuvenate the Gardens…

How do we plan to regenerate the area ?

To date all of the works on the Rock Gardens and Chine Steps have involved 100’s of hours of work by volunteers only without much physical or financial support from Thanet District Council.

Many plants and bulbs, several thousand in fact, have been purchased using donations from supporters in the community, funding by Ramsgate Town Council and funding awards from our Kent County Councillors, to all of who we are extremely thankful.

The announcement in March 2017 from Historic England that Ramsgate had been awarded ‘Heritage Action Zone’ status is of course encouraging news for Ramsgate and FoRS openly encourage and support Historic England in this venture.

In June 2018 FoRS were invited to talks with Historic England to discuss the work we had been involved with at Winterstoke Gardens, FoRS are hopeful that as these discussions have almost concluded we will be able to look forward to a long working relationship and sustained support that only an organisation like Historic England can provide.

The key to succeeding with this project is the involvement of not only local residents and authorities such as Historic England but those who use or would like to use this area more, and currently this means volunteers !!


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